Our company is comprised of a multinational group of professionals combining their abilities to yield a formidable group able to take on any task regardless of magnitude. With over 134 combined years of experience from Construction Management and Business & Logistical Operations, Safu Al-Malath is the clear company of choice for any construction or renovation project.

The result-driven mindset of this company is the defining quality that sets our projects apart from other companies. With the ability to keep the end goal in sight during the project, maintaining absolute quality from project planning through to project close out phases is what has established us as an entity of integrity.

The quality of workmanship, commitment tosafu_al-malath_headquarters the project and standards of excellence are hallmarks of a mature and responsible organization. Without these the project will suffer, without these core values you cannot achieve the success so desired. At Safu Al-Malath we have dedicated our abilities to ensuring the culture of quality & safety to give you the product you deserve.

Our eye is fixed on the local Iraqi economy and industry, teaching and employing Iraqis in order to give back to the community and lead the way in stimulating the skilled craftsmen of this country to take part in its growth. With our dedicated interest in the culture and people we strive to invest the best on-job instruction possible, with a strong skilled workforce – anything is possible. Our commitment is to the job, but also to the people we employ.