We are a Large Scale Construction Civil Works Company

Safu Al-Malath is a Civil Works Company located in Iraq providing industrial municipal security and support services. We specialize in large-scale oil and gas and industrial construction and renovation services. We are Iraqi and American owned and managed with a culterally diverse workforce. Our project managers have over 100 years combined experience in construction services. We have a highly trained, well-educated and skilled workforce. Safu Al-Malath is committed to safe, clean industrial development which will benefit the citizens of Iraq and it’s trading partners.

Our company is comprised of a multinational group of professionals combining their abilities to yield a formidable group able to take on any task regardless of magnitude. With over 134 combined years of experience from Construction Management and Business & Logistical Operations, Safu Al-Malath is the clear company of choice for any construction or renovation project. Safu Al-Malath is not affiliated with any organization nor brand and is independently owned and operated.